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My Utopia - a goal for humanity

papa francesco and I

The Popes letter addressed to every person living on earth is frightening in it's portrayal of the truth.


The encyclical letter 'Laudato Si' perfectly sums up the essence of my long time personal feelings on the subject of nature and shares my concerns as a human being.
Much of what I think and I write about the behavior of our species, syncs with papa francesco's thoughts.

However the Popes insight transcends most current human comprehension of the past, present and future.

I was born catholic but have not been a worshiper for the past 50 years.
Still until today I've always considered myself religious when it comes to common human goodness and common sense. Most religions in some way acknowledge the significance of nature which is intertwined with all life on the planet.
The Popes thinking is nothing more than an acutely objective open minded and clear eyed human view of what exists today.

the Pope said his letter is addressed to "every person living on this planet."

The Popes encyclical letter does open those minds that make an effort to comprehend what he has written. It is not religious dogma but factually based opinions that project the simple power of his words.

The messages contained therein are universal, simple and speak to the truth about the importance of the world that surrounds us and allows us to live.

Therefore every single human being on earth who is concerned about the evolution of our species  must read the letter and then read it again and again.

My contributed excerpts are suitable as examples for setting and clarifying our goals as human beings but each individual may derive their own personal meaning from what they read since knowledge is multi dimensional and without boundaries.
Within this post I will attempt to isolate portions of 'LAUDATO SI’ and share my personal thoughts in future analyses .
As Pope Francis would say and write "Praised be to us all!"